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My name is Richard Levene and I am a 24 year old visual effects artist from London. I am primarily a 3d lighting and rendering artist but have a strong 2d compositing background.

I completed a BA Hons Degree in 3d Digital Design from the Kent Institute of Art & Design Rochester in 2006, before attending Escape Studios, a world renowned Visual Effects School in London.

Since finishing my course in March 2007, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of projects ranging from feature film to product design.

I am currently working for a CGI visualisation company called Farmhouse Post. www.farmhousepost.com


The secret project I was working on aired this easter weekend. Red Dwarf was the show and I was fortunate enough to work on it.
Close to 300 shots were completed in the space of a few weeks by a team of artists selected by VFX Supervisor Mike Seymour from FXPHD.com as part of a Special Ops course run in the January 09 Term.
View the results and more in the new April 09 term at fxphd.com. I will be teaching a class or two regarding the shots I completed for the show.

24 Today. Wow time is moving pretty fast. Better make the most of it. Started work on a top secret project. Very cool and very excited. Will let you know more when allowed.

Double page spread in this months 3D World about NORA the short film i worked on last year. It was screened in last years London Film festival and has now been entered into this years Rushes Short film festival. Check out the film here

Finished my first piece of work on an Infiniti ad quite a few months back for an agency in the states. To my suprise on a visit to New York last week I saw my ad covering a whole block in Times Square. Quite surreal. view here

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