The 'S' Chair was created and modelled by designer Tom Vaughan. I textured, lit and rendered it using Maya and Mental Ray.
Another render of the chair but from a different angle. Renders for designer Tom Vaughan for a product design competition.
Concept image for the portfolio of photographer
Heinrich Hecht. Models shaded and lit using
Mia Materials and IBL.
Render from different angle. Used actual images
of Mars captured from the Mars Rover publically
available on NASA website.
Image for Swiss design agency. I modelled, textured, shaded and lit the cans, arranging them into the shape of the Matterhorn using a combination of MEL scripts and manual placement.
Interior rendering, model provided by Evermotion. I shaded with mia materials and lit using physical sun & sky in conjuction with final gather and portal lights, as well as traditional spots.